Monday, January 10, 2011

Putting It All In Perspective

This picture takes my breath away.

It took my breath away today while I was walking to my car after work, just thinking of this moment. I was reflecting on what a great day Sunday was- Jason didn't have to work, and we took Logan to the beach to do a little photo shoot to test out a new camera lens we got. Nothing special, right? That's what I thought, until I said those words over in my head again...We took Logan to the beach. He had never been to the beach. He didn't even know what beach was- or what sand was, a bicycle, a seagull, the ocean, waves, surfers, seaweed....none of it. He experienced ALL of it for the first time yesterday. I can see this picture from where I was standing so clearly in my head- I don't need to see the image that came through the camera. My son, mesmerized by the ocean- not taking his eyes off of it, his feet touching sand for the first time- he's a bit apprehensive about the feeling and isn't putting his foot all the way down in the sand- he's arching it up to keep it dry. I'm wondering what he's thinking- the only thing he can relate any of these sounds and smells to is his sleep sheep that we put on Wave mode every night as he goes to sleep...I wonder if he's thinking there must be one HUMONGOUS sleep sheep around here to generate this large of a wave sound!

For some reason, this image brings tears to my just screams HOPE in my mind. This little boy is experiencing something for the first time and it just makes me think of all that his life will be. I start to imagine all of the other experiences he'll have in life, what friends he'll make, what lessons he'll learn, what adventure's he'll embark on. The look on his face as he stares out in to the waves, these waves he's never known before this moment, has such a wonderment about it, such a desire to learn more. I'm looking forward to giving him the opportunities in life to have more first time experiences. I'm looking forward to teaching him new things and being able to see that look on his face once again. I'm sure that every time I see it, it will bring me back to this moment- wind blowing, waves crashing, and his adorable little feet too scared to squish in to the sand just yet, so instead he'll just hold on to Daddy's hands and take it all in, waiting for the next wave to crash around him.


  1. beautiful post Ash! Here's to a lifetime worth of these moments, they dont stop, we just had one this morning w Elana! They are all special, unique and full of emotions, the happy kind...

  2. I'm trying not to tear up! So so sweet :)

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  4. I love that picture is so beautiful.
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