Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Weekend with Elizabeth

A couple of weeks ago my dear friend Elizabeth flew out to LA for the weekend to stay with Jason, Logan and myself. I love Elizabeth so much, and it kills us both that whenever I go home to Seattle and we get together it's for just a snipet of time- not nearly long enough for either of us to get our fill! So Elizabeth generously bought a plane ticket and took a day off from work and flew out to LA so we could have a solid 3 days together- and it was perfect! Despite the fact that she flew in the morning that the LAPD had shot and killed a resident of my neighborhood and our community was an official crime scene, it was a flawless weekend (And to be honest, Elizabeth is used to this type of thing as she works for the Seattle Police Department Guild back in Seattle). We went to a roof top party (ok, it wasn't THAT glamorous...Jason company completed the concrete work on their building so they had a party to celebrate that milestone- an industry tradition....and yes, that is as picture of me walking up a ladder with Logan in our front carrier...we both survived), we took in some culture by enjoying our time at the Getty Villa museum (ok, to be honest, this trip to the museum did NOTHING for Elizabeth and me except show us that neither of us are mature enough to go to a museum...Jason will be in charge of chaperoning all museum trips with Logan's class...I will partake in watching the kiddos at the zoo), a movie date for just Elizabeth and I (We saw Country Strong at like 10:30 at night which we realized was WAAY to late for us, but thanks to a little Justin Beiber action and slurpies, we made it through the movie....though I think our time would have been better spent outside with our friends the statues as it was kind of a lame and VERY sad movie), then on Sunday we ended E's visit with a trip to Hermosa Beach where we got some Starbucks (And celebrated having Starbucks in our 6th state together) and took Logan to the beach and let him "walk" in the sand.

We were very sad to see Miss E go, but it was so much fun having her here! She's the best and it meant so much to me to have her take the time to come out and sit in on my life in LA!
Love you girl!

PS- Please ignore the order that these pictures are in...I don't know what's wrong with me this morning, I've tried uploading these pics about 8 different times and I keep getting the order wrong...blonde moment? New Mommy Brain moment? Not sure....whatever it is, forgive me and enjoy!

Jas has a secret love for all things CRIME so he was ecstatic about what was happening (Not ecstatic about the loss of life, of course)

Washington, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and CALIFORNIA!

Check out those THIGHS!!!!
Beach Baby

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