Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Post of 2010

Happy New Year blog world! And what a year it's been! Here are a few highlights of 2010 for us:

January: Announcing to the world that we were expecting

February: Finding out we were having a boy!

March: Enjoying an extravagant (but FREE) babymoon in Hawaii

April: Birthdays and Baby Showers Galore!

May: Finishing Logan's nursery

June: The birth of our son

July: Jason completes his first 1/2 marathon!

August: Logan met his Aunt Gretchen, Uncle Nate and Cousin Luke, Uncle Jarod, GiGi and Great Grandpa Laub for the first time

September: Logan flew on an Airplane for the first time

October: I went back to work and survived

November: Logan celebrated his first Thanksgiving in the Bay Area with his family

December: Logan celebrated his first Christmas in Seattle with his family

It has been SUCH an amazing year for us, we have felt SO blessed to have Logan in our lives. He has made an amazing life that much MORE amazing. Here's to hoping 2011 is just as good if not better!

Happy New Year everyone!!

Jason, Ashleigh & Logan Laub

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