Friday, July 16, 2010

Special Gifts for Logan

This week we received some VERY special gifts for Logan. The first is one that we "ordered" while we were in the hospital. St. John's has a group of volunteers known as the Nifty Needlers- a group of volunteer knitters who knit caps and booties for all of the babies born at St. John's. Jason and I filled out the request form before we left the hospital 3 weeks ago, and this week we received the cap and booties for Logan! Along with those 2 items, there was a third item we were not expecting- a personalized bracelet which spells out the little man's name! Such a great keepsake these things are! We have Logan's newborn photo shoot on Saturday and I guarantee some if not all of these items will appear in some of the photos!

The second gift we got came from our amazing pediatrician! She said that she gives this to all of her babies because ALL Of her babies are born with silver spoons! Too cute! Thank you Dr. Phillips!

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  1. These are all so special! And, what a nice pediatrician :)