Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sorry for the absense

Where did this week go? Wow...I swear it was just Sunday the 4th like 2 hours ago! My how time flies when you aren't sleeping but are constantly DOING! Haha.

I don't even know what happened this I'm not quite sure how to report on anything!

Everything on the home front is going as well as can be lack of sleep and raging hormones have made me a TREAT to deal with for poor Jason...but he's a good sport. Hopefully he's just remembering that I will be a normal human again pretty soon once everything settles down. He was a huge help this week by setting up a revised pumping schedule for me which should give me at least an extra hour of sleep as long as I can get a good storage of pumped milk up....I was really excited about trying it until...our pump broke...or so we think. Yesterday at 4pm was the last time I was able to pump a full serving for little first I was really worried that my milk supply had, for some reason, "dried" up, but I've nursed Logan a few times since then and he's definitely gotten milk so I know it's still in there. We got a cheaper pump so that's why I think it's the culprit. So today, Jason ordered the Cadillac of breast pumps which will hopefully solve the problem and get me back into production mode! So in the mean time, I'm nursing Logan- which has actually gone really well (yay!) and then supplementing with Formula as needed. I'm not THRILLED to be doing formula again, but hopefully it's just for a few days and doesn't throw off our breast milk stuff with him too much. The important thing is the Logan is healthy and continuing to gain weight, right? Right (Speaking of, Jas and I weighed Logan the other night and he's well past his birth weight! Woo! Our 2 week check up is next Thursday, and will actually be a THREE week check up since our doc was out of town this week, hopefully she's thrilled with his progress and gives us an A+ as parents!)

My Mom arrives a week from today and I'm super excited. Hopefully the new pump will arrive by then or I'll have more of a handle on the whole nursing thing and it'll be a nice time for us to spend together. If I'm still having trouble then I know she'll be a HUGE help in giving me the assistance that I need while Jason is at work. I've got a few organizational projects for her to help me with, so I'll definitely be putting her to work for SURE! Hope she's ready for it!

Ok, that's it...I have a couple of pics I should post...but Logan is sleeping, Jason is at work and the couch and a blanket are calling my name...may be time for a cat nap until Jason gets home...Ssshhhhh...don't tell him!

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  1. never ever turn a nap opportunity down! hope you enjoyed it!

    And yeah for the new pump, getting the good stuff is one of the best thing we did! You'll see, when you get back to work you'll love having a really good pump to use.