Friday, July 16, 2010

Floor Gym and Tummy Time!

This week Jas and I broke out another gift that we received for Logan- the floor gym/activity center. I was pretty amazed at how focused Logan seemed to be on certain items hanging from the gym. He wasn't able to reach any of the toys (no matter how close they were to him) but he definitely fixated on a few of the items which was pretty cool to see.


Just Out of Reach

Love Those Feet!

Aside from that, we also started doing tummy time. I think he likes it- which is good. From Logan's very first moments, we always rested him on our chests tummy down so he's definitely used to that position, but I wasn't sure how he would react to laying on his tummy without touching our skin- I think he did pretty well! He even started lifting his head up which should come to no surprise those who have already met him- he's been doing that since day 1...literally.
Tummy Time!

Trying to Lift that Head!

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