Friday, July 16, 2010

Props for the UppaBaby

Today, the UppaBaby paid for itself in convenience alone. I headed out to the grocery store...just me and Logan...for the first time. I'd gone to Target earlier in the week and attempted to put his carseat in the shopping cart- but it didn't fit very well, so I had to brace it with my hand the whole time I was shopping...which was just annoying. While I was in there, I spotted another new Mom carrying her baby around in a front carrier and it made me wonder "Hmm...she's probably don't what I'm doing before and realized it doesn't work...maybe the front carrier is the way to go..." So that's what I used today. However, I knew that in order to get my groceries upstairs I would need to transport them someway other than my arms...enter UppaBaby Vista. This stroller is just awesome. I plopped Logan in his carseat onto the frame (Thanks to the Graco Carseat Adapter!) and then proceeded to load my $100 worth of groceries into the undercarriage storage basket! Just to give you an idea of how much $100 worth of groceries is, I had about 10+ bags and a gallon of milk! I couldn't believe it all fit with ease! Earlier in the week I had walked with our Snap-N-Go stroller to the community market near our house and I had 1 grocery bag of stuff and could barely fit it with the diaper bag in the under carriage compartment! Oooh how i love the UppaBaby!

On other "Well Spent Money" notes, I got the new pump today and O...M...G! I love it!
I know it was expensive, but it was SO worth every stinkin' penny! Not to go into details, because that's weird, but it was so comfortable and I was able to express more milk than i EVER did with the old pump! Things are looking up for Logan, myself and my milk supply! HALLELUJAH!

Tomorrow we have our infant photo shoot and my Mom arrives for a week and a half stay at 10am :) Very excited for her visit and to get some expert advice from the woman who raised 3 perfect children (Not that I'm biased or anything, but my brothers and I are pretty awesome! And not to discount my DAD at all, but you know- she's the MOM so, she gets special credit).

Ok, back to cleaning up the house and feeding the lil piggy who is angrily snorting and awaking from his peaceful slumber in his swing!

Happy Friday! Love to all!

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