Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's All Good in the Hood!

In the last entry, I glossed over some scary stuff that Jas and I experienced during our 20-week appointment. While it's true that the Dr. said he loved our baby again, and that the heart, brain, and spine looked perfect, there was one area that caused him to be slightly concerned. During the ultrasound exam, Dr. Blumenfeld thought he saw a minimal amount of fluid around the babies stomach/bowel area. It was so minimal, that he wasn't sure he should be concerned. While he was leaning towards NOT being concerned, he didn't want to run the risk of overlooking it when it could have turned into something more serious- which Jason and I now appreciate.

Dr. Blumenfeld had us meet him in his office so we could discuss what he saw and what he needed us to do. He explained that the fluid he saw could be called Mild Ascites...something neither Jason or I had ever heard of. Of course Jason was a nervous wreck immediately and just wanted more and more answers from the Dr. Dr. Blumenfeld tried to be vague about everything, but quickly realized that Jason was not going to leave his office without getting as much information as possible. So the Dr. explained that fluid in the babies belly could mean something as slight as an infection, to something as severe as congenital heart failure...awesome. So we left the appointment with heavy hearts. Jason was noticeably stressed and worried, and all he wanted was to hear the baby was fine like we'd heard at every OTHER appointment we'd had up to this point. Jason asked at one point why I wasn't worried, and I explained that I just knew everything was going to be Ok. Call it Mother's Intuition, but I just knew that the baby was ok. I figure that if something is seriously wrong, that the baby would let me know- I wouldn't feel as "Fine" as I that kept me calm and strong for both Jason and I. I asked Jason NOT to Google the condition once he got back to work...did he listen? Of course not. I called him at work a few hours after our Dr. appointment and asked if he'd Googled it...of course, he said "yes...But I didn't like what I saw so I stopped looking" GRREEEEAT! now Jason was going to do nothing but worry until our appointment with the ultrasound specialist on Wednesday morning.

The weekend following our appointment was interesting. My BFF flew in and we had a great time hanging otu, but as every day continued I felt myself doubting my Intuition that everything would be fine. Lindsey wanted to go shopping for items for the nursery, but I was reluctant to, just in case something WAS wrong with the baby and we didn't make it ot the point of decorating a nursery- I know, horrible thoughts to be having, but I couldn't help it.

Finally, it was Wednesday morning and Jason and I headed to our 7:30am appointment at the Ultrasound specialists office in Hollywood. First, the sonogram technician came in and told us almost immediately that while she wasn't a Doctor, she didn't see anything wrong with the baby and that in fact, she thought he looked so good and perfect that she could teach people off of him (Mom and Dad start feeling a LOT of relief at this point!). Next, the actual doctor came in, just as the sonogram tech had thought, there was NOTHING wrong with the baby! The Doctor also said that everything looked perfect and that the baby was thriving and progressing just as he should be. She took a minute to explain what Dr. Blumenfeld had probably seen that caused him concern. She told us that everyone has some amount of fluid in their bowels which keeps everything moving smoothly in that area. She also told us that everyone has a minimal layer of fat between the outer skin and the actual stomach- that fat shows up as a black substance on an ultrasound screen- just as fluid does. So with that, she gave us the seal of approval on the baby and told us we had nothing to worry about...Yaaay!

The technology that this place had was amazing- we were able to look at the Babies brain in detail and even see the blood flow (And HEAR the blood flow) in that area, we did the same with his heart, some different places in my reproductive areas and his developing lungs! It was truly awesome. We also got some great new photos of the little guy- we both think he's finally starting to look like a more alien! haha. While I think the 3D picture looks a lot like Jason, my mom thinks that the profile picture looks a lot like me and what my profile looked like when I was an yay! Little baby looks like both parents! Seeing this much detail is almost torture at this we really have to wait 18 weeks before we can hold the munchkin?!?! Ahhhh!

Bottom Line: Both Jason and I feel so blessed to know that our little guy is as healthy as he can be at this point and that everything is going according to text book development.

We're almost at 22 weeks (This Tuesday) and things are going well. My belly has definitely POPPED, and it's quite obvious that I'm pregnant now- which is actually a good thing, I like being able to show the world what's going on!

I do need to watch myself though and make sure I don't do too much. This past weekend I spent 12 hours on Saturday helping my brother film a pilot webisode with his production company, and then headed off to a party until belly was so large and tight at that time, I knew I had to get home and just rest. It took a good hour before my body finally relaxed. Then, after 9 hours of sleep, I took a 2.5 hour nap (unplanned!) in the middle of the day! I feel a lot better now, and little one is kicking up a storm, so I think he's feeling good too!

We hope everyone had a great weekend!



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  1. So glad to hear your little guy is doing well and is healthy as can be! You look great, and have fun decorating his nursery :)