Thursday, February 11, 2010

Will we have a Laubsto or a Laubsta?

Today is the day! Today, we find out for sure if I'm carrying a boy or a girl inside our 12 week appointment, the Dr. thought he saw the makings of a BOY, and said he would be very surprised if he had a different story to tell us 8 weeks later...well, it's 8 weeks later now and at 1:45 we have our appointment to find out what's going on inside there! Since our 12 week appointment, a few people have had dreams that we're having a girl, random strangers have discussed the baby and referred to "it" as a who knows! We want YOUR votes though! No prizes will be awarded...but you can feel special in your own right if you guess correctly :) To even the score I am wearing 1 blue sock and 1 pink sock today...and when I got dressed this morning, no joke, it was somewhat in the dark and I grabbed a pair of pink underwear and a blue tank top! So the mystery continues!

So let us know...what do you think is swimming, kicking and dancing inside my belly? A LaubstO (boy) or a LaubstA (girl)? Click below and vote on the ModPoll website!

Will Baby Laub a Boy or a Girl? :