Thursday, February 25, 2010

Things I'm looking Forward To...

It's easy, when pregnant (Or really, at any time in life) to seek out the negative of what you're going through- I honestly have not had a rough pregnancy at all...I try to take each day in stride and deal with each new thing as it comes...for instance, while it's not FUN not being able to put my socks and shoes on as easily as it once was, but I TRY to remind myself that the reason for this new found struggle is the baby growing strong inside me, it's also not fun to sleep on my side, or to not have any clothes that fit anymore, or to just feel...Umm...Frumpy every day...but again- it's all about self sacrifice and I'm Ok with making these sacrifices of my normal life so that Baby Boy Laub can arrive in this world in the best shape he can be in! So, nothing has been that bad, and in fact a lot of it has been really good...and in the past couple of weeks, since I really started to show, I have felt like I'm glowing on the inside (Cuz Lord knows I did NOT get that perk of glowing on the outside... pregnancy has given me the worst skin and worst hair I've ever had in my life!) is a quick list of a few things that make me smile whenever I think of them throughout my day:

1. Decorating the Nursery
2. Seeing just how big I'm going to get
3. Feeling Baby Laub make stronger kicks and punches inside
4. Seeing Baby Laub move around once my belly gets really stretched
5. Meeting my son for the first time
6. Being referred to as Mommy
7. Rocking my baby to sleep
8. Seeing the look on my husbands face when he meets our son for the first time
9. Helping my son grow strong and mature into the person he's going to be in this world :)

That's all!

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