Saturday, February 13, 2010

Baby Boy Laub!

As you can see from the photo below, the Dr. confirmed for us on Thursday that we are in fact, having a son! Jason and I are thrilled with this news! We wanted to have a boy first to start out our family, and we're thrilled that we got our wish! The Dr. is still loving everything he sees...from the heart, to the brain, to the spine and the other bones that are developing! It's really amazing to see all that you can see in the ultrasounds. We got a photo of baby Laub's face and it's definitely going to be a mini-Jason! The Dr. has said from the beginning that they have the same nose, but we've were able to see at this appointment that they also have the same jaw line and chin! I am so excited to have a little Jason running around! And given that he'll be born in the year of the Tiger, they may have a similar personality...which is just fine by me!

To see what's going on here, this pic was basically taken underneath Baby Boy imagine he's sitting on the ground and your looking up at him...the arrow, obviously is pointing to "the goods" haha :)

We've got another appointment on Wednesday, so if we get more photos at that one, we'll be sure to post them on here too! Thanks to those of you who guessed and voted on the Boy/Girl poll!

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