Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Time

It's 4:45 on Thursday June 24, is about to change forever in about 3 hours. By 8am Jason and I should have delivered our son via c-section!! We can hardly believe it and we are SO excited for this day! Ever since Jason and I started dating we made it clear that we both wanted kids some day...well ready or not, someday is here!

Our parents have all arrived and they are ready to head to the hospital in a couple of hours. The love that surrounds this child already is amazing :)

I'm a bit anxious about the surgery, just because I don't know what to expect, but I'm sure everything will go fine. Sleeping has not come easily over the last few nights due to anxious nerves...I guess it's about time in this pregnancy I have a hard time sleeping right?

Hopefully Jason can keep posting stuff on here while I'm recovering in the hospital- but I can't make any promises :) hehe.

Thanks again for all of the prayers, thoughts, and well wishes we've received over the past 24 hours- it means so much to us to know that so many people that WE love will be thinking of our family on such a big day.

Happy Birthday Logan! I'm off to become a Mommy :)


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