Friday, June 11, 2010

How am I feeling? Take your pick from one of the following...

Only one part of me feels like our favorite pre-historic Feet! My feet have taken on a life of their own, and I'm beginning to think that all of the weight I've gained is residing in each of my little piggies! I am just putting my faith in the words of my mother-friends who SWEAR to me, all of the fluid will go away after the baby arrives and within 24 hours of giving birth, I will have normal, cute, human, GIRL feet again! I would post a photo of the feet...but I dare not, because i may put some of you in to shock by the mere sight!

I must make it clear that on my own, or with good friends *I* do not feel like a circus freak. All things considered, physically, I feel great (Aside from the elephantitis I have on my feet)- I think a lot of pregnant women are just OVER the whole PG thing by this time, but I'm still really enjoying it. Especially since Logan has started to descend/lighten/DROP I feel like I'm barely pregnant! I can only imagine what I'll feel like when he's officially out of me! But back to the Circus Freak comparison- the way people react to me as of late has me feeling like a circus freak. Sure, I get the occasional (And VERY much appreciated) "You look great!" "You barely look pregnant...from behind!"...but more often than not, each day brings " pregnant are you?" or "You are HUMONGOUS!" or "Are you due like any minute?" No people- I actually have 3 more weeks thank you VERY much! My favorite comment however, came yesterday while in the elevator leaving our weekly doctor's appointment. A nice old lady got in with us and said "Wow, you just do pregnancy beautifully!" to which I replied "Wow, thank you! I'm so used to hearing that I just look humongous all day..." to which SHE replied "oh you are humongous, but you are a beautiful humongous" Wait...what?...
And strangers just kind of gawk at the point where I almost just wish I was wearing a mumu so I could chalk all of this extra weight to being overweight instead of pregnant- doesn't that seem backwards? Whenever I'm outside- grabbing lunch, at the grocery store, running an errand and i see that I'm about to cross someones path, I try to smile, thinking that maybe my jovial belly will brighten their day, but instead they don't know what to do- they just kind of stare at the belly like it's taking over my body.
So my question is this- am I really that huge?! Aren't I just 8 months pregnant? Surely the majority of pregnant women look just as I do...or am I really THAT large?

And lastly, the good ol' Stay Puft Marshmallow Man...again, I must reiterate I don't feel large, or out of control in general, but PARTS of me do...recently it's the cankles...they surely resemble Mr. Marshmallow shown above- rolls for days I'm telling you. So not attractive. And as with the Fred Flintstone feet, I'm just happy to know that all of this will go away soon...what a great day that will be- I won't be in pain anymore, I won't have cankles, I won't get gawked at in public, I won't be told on a daily basis that I'm humongous, and best of all...I'll have a SON!

Can't wait to meet you Logan...but you better believe, all of this information is definitely going to be thrown in your face whenever you act out. I will take joy in reminding you of all that I went through just to bring you in to this world...muwhahahahha...the simple pleasures of a Mother :)

PS- I must say, not once has my fabulous husband EVER told me I look Humongous! He has been a treat and great with everything (Except for answering his phone as of late, but we'll let that one slide)- he's made me feel beautiful and great from day 1, so no complaints from the Wifey department :)

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  1. OK Ashleigh.... You never looked humongous hey you went swimming and were photographed in a pretty tiny bikini... now ask your mom for a photo from Rod and Kathy's wedding when she was pregnant with Nate and the form fitting formal dress she made for the occasion. You were not just pregnant you were hot pregnant, yes even at the end. You are a tiny little thing so your going to look bigger than someone who is not as small as you... but all that doesn't matter anyway, look who is in your arms....