Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update of the Belly!

Here's our 30 week Belly Photo! Jas did a funny little picture comparison of me last night- with photos of me from 7 weeks and this week....Holy Cow! Being pregnant DEFINITELY lets you appreciate your pre-baby belly....and I laugh that there were things I was unhappy with before! Life is funny!

This weekend Jason and I are flying up to Seattle to participate in the Baby Shower that my Mom, Sister-In-Law and friends Elizabeth, Jen and Lindsey are throwing...we're really excited- it should be a great time!

Gretchen made some amazing invitations (That match the Laubsters we have on our Nursery wall), my Mom and I are making these beauties for everyone's indulging pleasure and I hear that there are some fabulous games to be played as well!

Of course, as is usually the case in Seattle, the weather will NOT be cooperating, but I don't care...being surrounded by some of my most favorite people on the planet will make it feel like a sunny, 75 degree, perfect day!

See you all TOMORROW!


  1. You look great! WOW - I can't believe you are 30 weeks already - soooo close! Enjoy your trip home :)

  2. Yowzer Princess that is one pregnant what size fruit is he now? I only have cats to compare so you have to help me here!