Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby- Meet your Doctor!

Tonight, Jas and I met with a potential pediatrician for our little munchkin, and we absolutely LOVED the doctor we met with!

We found her through 2 recommendations from people I work with.

we didn't have any questions prepared for the doctor (Which is very unlike us!), but we knew there were a few things that were very important to us:
1. Her views on immunization (Jason and I are both very much FOR immunization)
2. How accommodating her practice is to new parents- aka calls at 2 in the morning because we just can't get the baby to stop crying and we are CONVINCED it's because she has some disease!

She met our standards and then some on both points.

Her philosophy seemed to be a bit more old school in terms of doctoring- and even though I never saw my Grandpa practice medicine, I had a feeling that he would have liked her as well, which was a very comforting thought.

She told us that our baby is like her baby too so she's going to teach us how to care for him. She's going to teach us how to not NEED her- which is great. She talked a lot about how both Jason and I have a parental instinct, we just don't know it yet, and she feels it's her job to help us tap into that.

She also believes that it's a doctor's job to help- and to answer questions when asked (no matter how ridiculous!).

We're both very much looking forward to starting this new relationship with this Doctor, and are very excited about checking one more thing off THE list (ok, well maybe the checking off part is more of an excitement for me! haha).

Next up...Nursery!


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