Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Balance Bike!

Logan's Great-Grandpa Laub (Great PawPaw) got him an amazing present for his 3rd birthday; a balance bike! For those of you who don't know, a balance bike is a little kids bike that has no pedals and it teaches kids how to BALANCE on a bike before they ride one for reals! The theory behind a balance bike is that the child will learn how to balance and therefore will not need training wheels. So once the balance bike is mastered, they can graduate right to an actual bike! From what we've seen of Logan on his bike after just a few times, I believe it! Check it out!

Don't worry, we got him a new helmet...

He wanted to park his bike next to the other big-kid bike


  1. How adorable! We bought one for our son last year and we're still working on getting him to ride on it!

    1. It took Logan awhile too! It finally clicked for him when I showed him a video of his friend riding hers :) good luck!!