Friday, October 17, 2014

Super-Double-Triple...and other Logan Updates

Sooo....Hello! We're going to completely ignore the fact that it's been WELL over 1 year since I've posted anything on this blog. Life's been busy, crazy, exhausting and all of THAT has left little to no time to write! So we're just going to gloss riiiiiiight over the fact that this blog has been very neglected! And to help gloss over the fact that we've been absent, I'm just going to sprinkle updated photos of Logan so that it feels like you've been reading this blog for the past 12 PLUS months!

Logan being quite possibly the cutest person EVER to be that close to a lion.

So on to more CURRENT LOGAN! And all that he's been up to as a fun, feisty and crazy 4 year old!

The title of this entry "Super-Double-Triple" is Logan's new favorite thing to say - he uses it daily. Sometimes it's a good thing and I am told that I'm a "super-double-triple fun Mom", sometimes it's a speed thing; "I'm going to do that super-double-triple fast!" and then other times, it's a bad thing like "Mom, you are super-double-triple not nice!" That last one is hard to not giggle at - he says it with SUCH conviction too! I have no idea where he learned this phrase, but chances are he just made it up himself and thinks that it just means SUPER SUPER SUUUUUPER ________ (whatever he is trying to say).

Logan Laub - aaaaaaalllll boy!

Logan and Daddy as Jas crosses the finish line at his FOURTH year of doing the SF 1/2 Marathon!

Aside from his new catch phrase, Logan's in his 2nd year of preschool. We changed schools from where he was at last year. His previous school was great, and he made a lot of great friends there, but i just felt like the school wasn't ENOUGH for him. I will admit that I spend way too much time worrying about what school is like today as opposed to when I was a young kid. I've heard that kindergarten is the new 1st grade and instead of it being a year about LEARNING how to write and things like that, your children now need to hit the ground running in kindergarten. So with those crazy thoughts running through my brain every day, we thought it would be best to get Logan in a school that focused a litlte more on academics. That's not to say he's being forced to write his admissions essay to Harvard this year but he is tracing his name, getting to do science experiments, learning a new letter each week and basically doing everything I'd hoped he'd be doing last year. And I will say, while I was nervous just before school started that we'd made a mistake; he is THRIVING at this new school. Is happy as can be every day when I pick him up, talks about his days on our way home and made new friends almost immediately. Nothing warms a Mother's heart more than seeing her child adjusting well to a new situation. While I think some of this has to do with the new school, I think a lot of it also has to do wtih Logan being a year older. A few months ago we attempted to trace some letters and it didn't go too well, we've also tried cutting a few times since last year and he's never done that great and he's never ever EVER done much drawing...I can no longer say ANY of that is true as of now. He brought home a paper last week where he'd traced his name and it was amazing! He also brings home different samples of papers he's cut at school and I'm SO impressed. And just this week he's become obsessed with drawing on his magnadoodle - drawing people (random shapes with legs and smiles) and even a carrot, a plumb and a grape yesterday!
This past summer Logan and our neighbor Kylie enjoyed a week at "Weird Animals Campl" which Ashleigh volunteered at as well

After slipping in the bathroom, Logan split his chin open and had to get stitches...the Dr said of the 5 other kids who were in that night for the same reason, Logan was THE BEST! Silver lining to this crazy night; Logan slipped because he stepped out of the tub onto the floor and not on the rug JUST as Ashleigh was saying "Step onto the rug or you'll slip" so now we have an amazing example to get him to listen to Mommy and Daddy! "Remember what happened when you didn't listen to mommy and hurt your chin??" Parental WIN!

He's an amazing big brother to Nora (still learning how to be gentle) but 95% of the time he's genuinely excited to be around her, to include her, to teach her, to play with her and to laugh with her. Omigosh - hearing the two of them giggle together is a sound I will NEVER get tired of hearing. Just today, Nora was beyond tired at nap time, so as we went into Logan's room to get him settled and read their story, Nora just climbed into Logan's bed an laid down. Logan got in next to her and they cuddled and giggled and it was adorable. I hope they are always this close and while I know there will be fights I hope that there are more moments of closeness like we have now. Love my two babies!
Logan loving on Nora last March for some photos we had done of the kiddos

And I'll leave you with this...which is probably the greatest photo of Logan EVER captured...nice work Jas!

Looking forward to seeing this same face, pose and cup in about 18 years!

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