Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Logan!

I can't believe it...out "little" guy turned 3 last month!! Where has the time gone? Our 9lb 1oz big eyed baby boy has grown into a handsome, hysterical and sweet little boy!

We decided to keep things "low key" for the birthday party and just invite family over...too bad our family now consists of almost THIRTY people! But it was so fun to have everyone over here for a Pirate Party! Auntie Benzo brought some pirate face tattoos, we had a pinata and WAAAY too many presents! I'm pretty sure our family kept amazon.com and Disney in business during the month of June!
Out oh so cute pirate!

Cool dude pirate!

Believe it or not, this is our first family photo at one of Logan's birthday parties!

Go Logan, Go!

good form EE!



Action shot! Must jump onto coffee table!

More Jake stuff!

PURE joy!

More presents!

What is this tissue paper?! Where's the present?!

Clothes? Moving on!

Grandpa and Uncle Gary

Papa Laubster

Mommy in training (Angelique is due with baby #1 in December!)

Auntie & Uncle Bob (Uncle Adam in the background)

Gigi and Auntie

Poopy Pirate Nora

The whole family!

Clearly Nora disapproves of Logan's cake faceplant


It's over?

The cake! I was pretty proud of this!

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