Monday, July 22, 2013

3 Months Already!!!

Well shoot, she's just shy of 4 months at this point, but oh well! I gotta get those pics up right!? I have been slacking on this whole blogging thing (don't even ask me about The Mommy Stop!), it's not for lack of wanting to write, its more about lack of energy and time! I'm hoping that once Nora starts sleeping through the night I'll have a little more pep in my step and will be able to think more creatively and actually sit on the couch each night (or early each morning) and type away instead of snoozing away! But, c'est la vie, thus is life with a newborn! Ain't in grand??

Actually, yes it is! Nora is a true delight. Seriously. She is the best. We love her so much and I just cannot get enough of her. She has the greatest smile (Looks a LOT like her brother's smile) that just engulfs her entire face. It's impossible to be gloomy around her. There are moments when I'll look at her and just become overwhelmed with excitement that she's OURS and that we get to enjoy her forever. I know that sounds weird, but she just seems like she's going to be a really special little thing and I am so enjoying getting to know her day by day by day.

So month 3 has brought us more of her personality, a more regulated schedule (Thank goodness!) and more time OUT OF THE HOUSE (another THANK GOODNESS!) and best of all - GIGGLES!! The cutest little chubby faced baby giggles! Logan had/has a full on BELLY laugh and it was music to my ears every time I could pry one out of him (it was not hard to do...still isn't!) and Nora's laugh is just as fantastic, but totally different. She has more of a cackle and it kills me!

I'll let the pictures do the talking for the rest of the post; starting with her 3 month collage and the rest are of random photos from this month! Enjoy! If you have a second, flip back between her month 2 collage and this one - yes that's the same bunny and no it did not shrink, homegirl just sprouted up!! Awesome!
Best Faces EVER!

Aww Shucks!


Happy Bbay!

So beautiful!

Had to get them both in their shirts before Homegirl outgrows hers!

Silly Logan!

See that bodyguard grip he has on her? We'll be counting on that in 15 years...


Great toy for our kicking baby girl!

Mom - don't bother me...I'm busy kicking

...and grabbing!
Ok, so none of these photos show the OUTINGS we've gone on, but I promise! We've been leaving the house regularly and it's awesome! Even if it's just out to go to the store, I'm just glad that leaving the house with both bambinos isn't as daunting as it once was :)

I wanted to note one thing about Logan and Nora and how they are together. It's clear to me already that Nora adores Logan. She will just look at him with such intensity it's fantastic. He can always make her smile, and he has never been anything short of sweet with her - it's so great. I feel so blessed!

More posts to come - Logan turns 3! Logan learns to ride a balance bike! Nora laughs! Uncle Nate, Auntie Gretchen and Cousin Luke visit!! Stay tuned!!!

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