Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Logan's Room

I've begun thinking about what to do with Logan's room when we get to the new house...as you know, Jason and I created a wonderful mural of a scene at "Laubster Cove" for his current room. Logan loves the mural and says 'Hi' to some of the characters each day (he particularly likes the turtle and gives him high 5's). Jas and I knew that at the new place we wanted to give Logan more Laubster Cove, but we weren't sure how to do it. The Mural would take a LOT of time, and now that Logan is mobile it may just be TOO difficult to do it (he was resting nicely in my belly the last time). So, instead of doing a full on mural this time around, we thought it would be fun to capture each of Logan's favorite characters on to small canvases and hang them somewhere in Logan's room. I completed "drawing" the characters tonight and did a mock layout of how I think we'll place them in Logan's room - I think on the wall his crib is on will be perfect!

Along with that, I started playing around with another picture I think will look great in his room. Of course, this is merely the image and I plan on painting frame to complete the look. I want to do the frame in a butterscotch color so that it matches the "L".

Cute huh? I can't take all of the credit though, I'm completely ripping this idea off from both Pinterest and Etsy...oh well! Why pay someone else to do something when you can do it just as easily yourself?


  1. I'm happy to have inspired you to do your own alphabet print! All the best with Logan's room! My little girl's bedroom is the best looking room in our home. You can have so much fun with them :)

  2. Very CUTE!!!!! I love the ABC poster.