Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ack! I'm a bad blogger!

Wow - things have apparently been busy as I have not updated this blog since we moved...that is officially 1 month ago! Eek! I'm so sorry! Luckily, I think most of the readers of this blog are also on Facebook and I've been REALLY good about updating THAT :) I'll try to just do a few quick posts tonight with random pics of the last month! Enjoy!

These photos are random but hilarious. Our friend Adrian, who is currently traveling in India, had this awesome red bear made for Logan when he was born. Adrian is an amazing friend who was visiting LA from Portland the weekend of Logan's birth and was down there without a car and without a way to get to the hospital to meet Logan and to check in on Jas and I...it tore her up so bad that she wasn't able to see us that she RENTED A CAR FOR LIKE 2 HOURS BEFORE SHE FLEW BACK TO PORTLAND so she could drop by our apartment once we made it home and meet Logan - ya, she's WAAAAY up there on the list of great friends :) LOVE HER! Anyway, when she stopped by, she was carrying this adorable red bear. She said she had a coworker make it for Logan, but that it hadn't turned out as she had wanted. Originally, she'd asked her friend if she could make a Lobster stuffed animal - the friend refused because she said that's weird. So then Adrian asked if it HAD to be a bear if it could be a bear with lobster claws- again, the friend refused. So, they compromised and just had the bear be RED like a lobster :) Perfect! Normally, the bear has a pair of blue shorts on, but they always fall off. So, one day while Logan was playing with the bear we thought maybe it would be fun to have Logan wear the pants- and viola! They fit! Hilarious:)

Cute lil laubster booty!

"Thanks for letting me wear your pants!"

I love you!

And Elmo too!

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