Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Toys and New Toys

When we were up North this summer for Jason's 1/2 Marathon, Grandma Blakeman gave Logan a very special toy - a little pull toy that looks like a queen bee! I believe she said this toy used to be Jason's and she kindly passed it down to Logan. He played with it for a little while and then grew tired of it, but recently he's brought it back out for some fun!

Logan has also recently become obsessed with Elmo. It's weird because all he knows of Elmo is from a little book called Elmo's Ducky Day - after reading that a few times, he would call out for anything red, tall and skinny...a red teddy bear, a red fire hydrant - and every time as soon as he gets closer to it, he scrunches his nose and yells "NO! No ELMO!" as if calling it out as an impostor. So, finally Jason and I decided to give in to his obsession and buy him his very own Elmo doll. We've snapped a few photos of Logan and his new buddy...he's been VERY sweet with him; feeding him cheerios, brushing his teeth and just simply hanging out with his new furry buddy!

Would you like an O Elmo?

How about a nice tooth scrub? Let me help you!

Thanks, Elmo for making our little guy so happy!

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