Thursday, November 17, 2011

Words With Friends

Over the past week, Mr. Logan has begun spitting out a plethora of new words - it's been so much fun to realize his usual babbling is beginning to form into actual words (And a little frightening for Jason and I as we are finally realizing the day of watching our language is here!). I thought it would be fun to list all of the new words our favorite little boy is saying:

- Duck (Kind of acme out of nowhere with this one...we were giving him a bath, I handed him his rubber duckie and BAM he said "duck!")
- Moon (Every night, he points to the window and shouts "Moon! Moon! Moon!" Unfortunately, for the past 2 weeks, the moon has not been visible from our apartment, so he gets a little discouraged when he can't find it - we tell him the moon has gone "night night" which seems to be a good reason for why the moon would not be "out"'s pretty amazing, however that Logan has SUCH an understanding of the moon - one day we were out around 3pm and the moon was visible - plain as day, Logan looked into the sky, pointed and said "Moon!" right at the moon! Also, when reading books that have a picture of the moon (as long as its round) he can point to it and say "moon!" I'm just amazed by his ability to comprehend something like that...obviously, he's a genius, a perfect, perfect genius)
- Plane (This one was SUPER  shocking! Lisette was out at the park with him when a bunch of planes flew by overhead, Lisette looked up and then Logan looked up, pointed and shouted "Pane!")
- Go! (He likes to shout "Go! Go! Go!" While running around our dining room table...sorry downstairs neighbors!)
- Shoe (he'll grab his shoes and bring them to Jas or I to put on him)
- Brock (This is my favorite...Brock is my BFF's son and Logan knows just who he is! He will say his name and then run over to or point to Brock's picture which is hanging on our fridge...FBFF's...Future Best Friends Forever!)
-Hi (yes, it's just as adorable as you would think it is)
-Five (in response to a request for a "High Five"...awesome)

Those are all of the NEW words I can think of, but I'm sure he'll come up with more each and every day...he babbles and babbles with such focused determination I know he's going to just wake up one morning and say "Good morning Mother, would you mind making me a spot of tea?" oh ya, he'll also be British :)

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