Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A couple of weekends ago, Jason and some of our friends participated in the very popular "Wildflower Triathlon" Jason, Randall and Bryan were part of a 3 man team (PolyBuilt) that completed the tri via a relay. Jason had the swim leg, Randall the bike and Bryan the run. Initially, Jason thought he got the short straw when they were deciding who was going to do what...because really, who likes swimming...especially 1.2 MILES of swimming? But Jas trained REALLY hard (even hired a personal coach!) and i knew he was going to do well. He ended up finishing in about 40 minutes (yes, FORTY minutes! Amazing right? One of the other girls in our group, however, finished in 28 minutes...I know...ridiculous!), and then the rest of the day was his to enjoy (See picture with beer below), relax, and hang out! Randall and Bryan on the other hand- were not so lucky! It was a HOT day and Randall had to ride 50 miles on a bike and it took him about 5 hours...gross. Bryan, had to run13 miles and it took him a little over 2 hours- even MORE gross! Btu they all did an AWESOME job and I'm so proud of all of them and the rest of the triathletes! Our good friend Becky (Randall's wife) and Suz competed in their own relay as well.

Logan and myself were excellent cheerleaders and photographers (or models if your Logan) along with our good friends Greg & Deanna from Walnut Creek who drove down to the race just to hang out for the weekend! Thanks guys, it was great seeing you both!

The view of the start of the race from our vantage point

Jason & Logan before the race starts!

Logan raising his hand as if saying "Go Daddy, Go!"

Close up!

Jason running from the lake to the transition area where he'll "tag" Randall to begin the bike!

Much deserved Hubs!

Relaxing after the swim with Logan

Logan hamming it up with Greg (Out of view)

Logan and Deanna- stylish in their shades!

5 hours later, Randall is done with the bike ride! YES! Nice Work!

Logan's first shoulder ride! While we wait for Bryan to cross the finish line!

Becky done with her 13 mile run! Nice work!!

Bryan- Mr. Smiles ready to cross that finish line for Team PolyBuilt! Great Job!

It was an awesome weekend spent with friends. We opted not to camp this year, but next year I think we'll give it a whirl! Logan did AMAZING and both Jason and i were so impressed that he was able to nap and stay in his normal happy mood all day despite the heat, and being in a stroller 90% of the time!

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