Tuesday, May 10, 2011

10 Months!

Again...I'm late...but hey! It is what it is...Our little man has changed quite a lot in the last 10 months...here are his stats as of now:

  • He can say "ooooh" "Woah" "No" "Mama" & "Dada"
  • He can flick his lips with his hands to make a fabulous noise.
  • He loves casting spells (Points a finger at you VERY seriously and shakes his finger...I'll try to catch it on video)
  • He can stand (on a bed, on a hill...anywhere!)
  • He can cruise around the coffee table like its nobodies business
  • He loves to cruise up and down the living room with his "walker"
  • He can stand up on his own from nothing (I have yet to witness this, but according to Lisette, he was sitting in the middle of the room and just STOOD UP!)
  • He's eating solids like a champ- his new favorite dish (and the only one currently available at Cafe Laub) is a pasta, tomato, zucchini, onion combo that smells DIVINE and i think I'm going to make a serving for Jas and I to enjoy soon!

Sorry I don't have any height or weight stats for you...Logan has only gone in to the Dr. to get a quick shot since his last appointment at like 8 months (I'm not a fan of these spaced out appointments, but it's how they do it at our pediatrician's office) but if i had to give you a rough guess, I would say he weighs about a million lbs and is really long :) hehe. I'll try to remember to weigh and measure him this weekend for everyone :) He's definitely in the 100th percentile for cuteness though...obviously.


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