Saturday, May 14, 2011

What a day!

Waking up early, then sleeping in, High-Fives for 2 years down, farmer's market walk, random prize winners, LOTS of veggies, recipe created, banged up baby, too small stroller, froggy sleeping, yummy celebratory dinner, too late for hot tub and ice cream instead!!

Here's our day in pictures!

We headed to the Farmer's Market this morning to get a few veggies for Logan and his food this week...we got avocados, broccoli, squash we were leaving, we were flagged down by a woman who told us every week they do a raffle for a basket of market goodies- well, the person who won the basket for today couldn't make it down to pick up the prize. She thought we looked like a nice family, and were one of the last groups to leave the market so she wanted to give the basket to us! Which was AWESOME- but 1. HOLY COW! That is a LOT of veggies! and 2. We'd bought SO much food on our own, I KIND of wanted to ask if we could return our already purchased goods since a lot of what we bought was included in the basket!

It finally happened...our BOY had his first "major" boo-boo today. He was doing his thing, cruising around the coffee table, when he had a misstep and came crashing down...on a coffee mug...OUCH! At first, while Jas saw him slam his face into the mug, he thought nothing was actually damaged and Logan was crying because the fall scared him...but after about 30 seconds a huge welt started growing on his forehead....a little while after that (After we applied some ice) a few more marks showed up...poor little guy! I think Jas was more worried/concerned than Logan as Logan went on his merry way the rest of the day.
The little guy (And the big guy) was OUT for about 2 hours this afternoon...seriously, he takes the BEST naps with Jason by his side!
As you may have wondered from the previous paragraph, it's not easy to put ice on a 10month what do you do? Put on a movie...a brightly colored CARTOON movie...FINDING NEMO! We try to keep the TV away from Logan as much as possible, but in a situation like today, it worked out perfectly. As the picture directly above suggests, Logan was VERY comfortable while lounging on Daddy and picking his nose...he's SUCH a boy! But as the picture above this one would suggest, neither daddy nor baby lasted too long with the movie. I think Jas fell asleep 5 minutes in, and Logan was out 10 minutes in!
Poor Logan. Jas and I had a brilliant idea to venture out to the hot tub tonight. We knew that by the time we'd be ready to go, Logan would have been in bed for a long time. Since we weren't comfortable leaving Logan in our apartment as we ventured downstairs, we put him to bed IN his stroller so that we could just wheel him down there with us and he could remain asleep while we enjoyed the spa...problem is, when I Tried to put him in the regular seat of the UppaBaby, he wasn't having I pulled out the basinette portion and put him in that...umm...there's a REASON why the basinette attachment is only used for babies 0-6months...he totally did NOT fit in it! Poor guy got as comfy as he could though...butt in the air and all!
When we finally realized the hot tub was not in the cards for the night, Jas took Logan out of the stroller and into his crib...this is the position he got into almost immediately.


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