Wednesday, April 6, 2011

True Story

This past weekend, Logan and I headed down to The Coffee Bean to get me some tea one morning (trust me, with the lack of sleep that was occurring, it was absolutely NECESSARY in order to function properly as a Mother). As we were waiting for my drink, I sat down on a chair and had Logan in his stroller next to me. A very nice couple came over and sat down next to us. They were Oooohing and Awwwwing at Logan and thought he was the bees knees. At one point, Logan looked at the woman and made this face:

The guy started laughing and said "ooh, are you flirting? Honey, I think he likes you." Then Logan looked at the guy and made THIS face:
Complete with "Phhhbbbhhhhbtttt..." noise.

I turned to the guy and politely said "well, apparently he does NOT like you!"

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