Sunday, April 17, 2011

Independent Lil Man

First off, I hope no one thinks this post is sad...I think it's pretty great and shows just how great Logan can be.

The other day, I was getting a gift ready for a friends daughter's birthday party and was a little preoccupied while Logan and I were in the living room. I had one eye on the little man, but while wrapping the present and signing the card I definitely didn't have my full attention on Logan...but there was no need. He was completely content playing by himself. He pulled out a box that had his toys in it, opened the lid and proceeded to remove any toy that he wanted to play with (Which was basically EVERY toy in the box). I just looked over at him for a minute and was just kind of in awe at how far we've come. 10 months ago he was a blob that just ate, pee'd and cried...a few months after that, he was a smiling blob that occasionally let out some sort of verbal communication that WASN'T a cry...a few months after that, there was more interaction but not a lot of independence, and now we're here- with this little boy who can think, play and communicate all on his own. Life is amazing and I am reminded of that every day I have with Logan!! I love you Little Man!

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