Thursday, April 28, 2011


Don't be shocked, don't turn away...That title isn't a swear word, its an acronym for my new favorite saying:
So Happy It's Thursday!!!

I'm always happy it's Thursday because it means the end of my work week, but this week I'm especially happy because it's the end of THIS week in particular...this week has been INSANE. Probably the craziest since I've been back at work...if you've talked to me on the phone at all over the past few days you'll know what I'm talking about but in case you haven't, here's what's been going on:
nannyonvacation/graciousfriendwatchedloganeveryday/drove20minutesinthewrongdirectioneverymorning todroploganoff/nevermadeittoworkearly/wasgiventasksatworkhoursbeforetheywereduewithout

Now read that 10 times in a row REALLY fast and you'll get a glimpse into what I've been feeling like.

Even though it's been crazy, the silver lining has NOT been lost on me- I am SO grateful for Carla, my good friend who has been watching Logan (in addition to her own baby) every day this week while I worked. IF it weren't for her, my crazy week would have been THAT much crazier- so I cannot thank her enough.

Aside from just watching Logan, she also did an AWESOME job of documenting his time with her...take a peek!

And she even took a video!! Love you Carla!!

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