Saturday, December 4, 2010

Baby's First Christmas

Christmas Time is Here!! And what a fabulous time of year it is! Christmas presents have been ordered, Christmas Music can be found playing in our home many hours of the day, and the tree is arriving tomorrow (Well, we're going to GET it tomorrow)! On Cyber Monday I found a great deal at , they were offering FREE shipping and FREE monogramming on certain items, I found these and snatched them up right away!!

It's funny because even though Jason and I have shared Christmas together for the past 4 years, we STILL don't have stockings (until now that is). It's probably because we're rarely actually in our own HOME on Christmas. This year, however, we fly to Seattle on Christmas evening (and Yes, Logan has a Christmas appropriate outfit for the plane that will guarantee he gets all the best attention from the flight attendants). I'm so excited to hang these up as soon as they arrive- I'm contemplating getting 2 little stockings for the cats, or maybe one medium sized one so that we can use THIS to hang them....what do you think? Ok, I just mentioned that to Jason and he thinks I'm crazy (but hey, if I get the PEACE one, then we HAVE to have 2 more kids right? Because everyone determines the size on their family based on their Christmas decorations right? Right.)


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