Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cards...Take 2

Last year we did Christmas cards...what's that? You say you didn't get yours? Don't you remember, it was 2 pics of Jason and I, and one pic in the middle with the words "We're Pregnant" written in the, you don't recall? Oh...that's because we never mailed them! But this year will be different...I PROMISE! Wanna know why? Three reasons:

1. We have a blog
2. We're going to use Shutterfly
3. Shutterfly has an amazing deal going on right now for bloggers- 50 FREE photo cards! We can't pass this deal up!

I've been looking through all of the awesome holiday card options they have, and I have found quite a few delightful ones....I like this one for just the little man making 3 of his best faces, this one for a pic of the family, then a couple of Logan and maybe one of the cats (And don't forget the fish!) and then, if I know my husband (And I do) he'll want this one because it's sleek, simple, elegant and timeless (But not quite as much FUN!).

Jas and I have used shutterfly forever...we love it. I think I've made him at least ONE calendar over the years, their Thank You cards are fantastic and I can't pass up the awesome wall art they have that you can make out of your very own photos!

So bring on the holiday cards....look for yours in the mail sometime "soon" (Please note- "soon" is a relative term for a family with a 6month old...soon may mean April!!).

Merry Christmas!


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