Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

On Saturday morning, The Laubster's 3 ventured out to a local pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins for the very first time! I don't believe we've ever carved pumpkins as a family before; for one reason, Logan is just now at an age to get into Halloween, and for another reason, this is the first HOUSE we've lived in together - having pumpkins in apartments doesn't really make sense to me...

So anyway, we had a great time; Logan got to ride on a Helicopter with Jas and a train with me and then pick up and carry as many pumpkins as he could carry!

So excited to be in the helicopter with Daddy!

He was convinced we were riding with Simba...

Hi Dada!


Big boy pulling our haul!

Checking on the pumpkins

Taking a break and riding in the wagon

My little guy!

Found one!

Putting it in the wagon all by himself!

My two guys!

The Laubster's 3!...and 1/2

Kissing the Baby's pumpkin

Forced smile for mama

Goodbye Pumpkin Patch!

We carved them that night for Logan to see. We did a traditional Jack-O-Lantern face for his, Jas used a drill and put holes all over his, I used a cookie cutter to make stars and Baba did a star/moon scene free hand :) All in all they came out pretty well!...we'll get pics of those out soon :)

Happy Halloween everyone!!

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