Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Like Brother Like...?????

No, no, we don't know the gender of this next little Laubster swimming around inside me, but "it" IS already showing some similarities to Big Brother Logan!

Jas and I headed to Kaiser this morning for a routine, 1st Trimester Screening ultrasound appointment (Read "We get to the see the baby! We get to see the baby! Appointment). The 1st trimester screening appointment is a lot of fun for us, the parents, because we basically get a detailed look at the litlte one as the Ultrasound Technician looks at different angles and does measurements to hopefully rule out some chromosonal birth defects (Down Syndrom being one of them).

As I got settled in the chair and the ultrasound goop was plopped on my belly I was nervous about seeing our little baby! I just wanted everything to be ok, for the baby to be "perfect" and to be in a good position so that the technician could get the measurements she needed. My nerves were immediately put to rest as the tech exclaimed "Oh my, this baby is just sitting perfectly for me! This is amazing!" I couldn't help but laugh because that's basically exactly what our Dr said when we were doing this screening with Logan. It took both our Dr from last time and the tech this time a whopping 15 minutes to take all of their measurements and then they spent the rest of the appointment just showing off and looking at our "beautiful" baby (Their words, both times, not mine). At one point, the tech brought the Doctor in and she did the same thing .It was kind of hilarious. She said that this was the kind of screening they show at conferences because the baby is in such a great spot and you can just see everything!

As the baby laid in my belly, pretty stretched out, I just stared in amazement at this little being we've created...again! I can't believe we could see it's heart pumping, all of the chambers, we saw its brain, toes, fingers, spine! It's incredible! At one point, I asked the Dr how long this baby currently was in reality, and she said "Roughly the size of a quarter" even MORE amazement! I'm sure to most people this ultrasound shot just looks like any other baby, but to me, I think it looks a LOT like Logan. It looks like him, it performs well for tests, and so far seems to have a similar MUST be related to Logan :)

Our next appointment is in early November and THAT'S when we'll learn if it's a boy or a girl! I can't wait!!

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