Sunday, October 7, 2012

Monthly Pregnancy Update

As my blog friends around me have gotten pregnant time and time again, I've loved peeking in to their baby bump world and reading how things are going for them. Now that I'm in that position, I'm excited to let everyone know how I'm doing week to week or month to month! One thing in particular I've loved is when bloggers put up a Pregnancy Questionnaire each month, answering the same question each time so readers can see how they've changing throughout their pregnancy! Though I'm sure I'm a little premature in doing this at only 14 weeks, it will at least give us somewhere to start, right? So enjoy my first Pregnancy Questionnaire entry!!

1. How far along? 14 weeks 4 days

2. Total Weight gain/loss: At this point, it's a loss - which is weird since with Logan I gained probably 5lbs within the first 6 weeks of being pregnant. Not having an appetite for the first several weeks and then getting the flu definitely isn't helping this one, so I think my total weight LOSS at this point is still 2lbs

3. Maternity Clothes: Though not out of necessity, I did wear a pair or maternity leggings and sweater yesterday and it was SO comfy! I'm still in my regular slacks at work, but I feel my tops may be getting more and more billowy throughout the coming weeks as this bump is getting more and more obvious.

4. Stretch Marks: Nope

5. Sleep: Once I'm in bed, I'm waking up to go pee, no sleepless nights, though I did notice last night as I turned over that I need to be more careful when I do that and need to actually use my core to flip over because whatever I did last night (Flopping) did not sit well with the belly!

6. Best Moment this week: Getting to see the baby on the ultrasound and hear the doctor tell us "it" looked perfect!

7. Movement: Nothing yet, but it's early

8. Food Cravings: Nothing yet

9. Gender: We find out in about 1 month

10. Labor Signs: Nothing yet THANK GOD!

11. Belly Button – In or Out?: Still in - thank GOD!

12. Wedding Rings on or off? On...but I don't think that will last much longer. My fingers/knuckles never went back to their pre-Logan size after having him so while they are ON and comfortable, it basically takes a small army to get them off. We will definitely be resizing the engagement ring after this baby!

13. What I miss: It's funny, but I miss having a cocktail with friends! With Logan that was not the case. The mere mention of alcohol made me want to vomit...but last night we met up with some friends and everyone was ordering martini's and cocktails and I had a Pepsi...sure the caffeine and sugar rush was fun, but nothing like a good Captain and Coke...oh year, right?

14. What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender so we can start planning!

15. Weekly Wisdom: I'm trying to enjoy life as it is now; meaning I'm trying to enjoy Logan as much as I can while he's my only child-sized distraction, trying (and probably failing) at trying to connect with Jason because I'm sure once we add another one to our brood it'll just make it harder to have time together, and I'm just trying to savor and remember our life as it is NOW when we kind of feel like we know what we're doing!

16. Milestones: We've just entered the 2nd trimester so I'm feeling good and hoping this streak continues!

I hope to have a profile pregnancy pic up at some point...but we just haven't made the time to do it yet!!

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  1. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you, and Mr. Logan is going to be the cutest big brother :)