Friday, May 18, 2012

Momo! Big Momo!!

On our second day in Canada, we decided to take Logan to the Vancouver Aquarium! He had an absolute blast and Jason and I had a blast watching him run from fish-tank to fish-tank shouting "MoMo!! Big Momo!! Ooooh woooow! Momo!" the whole day. It was hilarious and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely! For those of you who don't know, Momo is Nemo, as in the fish from Finding Nemo. Only, in Logan's mind anything except for Turtles and Sharks that swims in the water is a Nemo - so it made for a pretty exciting afternoon at the aquarium because he thought he was surrounded by his little buddy from the movie!

My cousin and I took Logan to the zoo back in January, but he wasn't as in to it as he was the Aquarium. I'm not sure if that's because he's a few months older now and understands things more, or if it was just a better time of day to take him, but whatever the reason he was ecstatic from the moment we entered the Aquarium and he was tuckered out by the time we left...the pictures and videos below speak for themselves!

The Momo's in this tank were as big as Logan!

So excited to "touch" the Momo's!

Touching the fish!

The aquarium had a whole toddler section that was ALL ABOUT CLOWNFISH (that's what Nemo is) when we got to the end where they actually have a tank of clownfish (round area in the upper right) Logan wanted NOTHING to do with it and instead wanted to sit in the cubby...huh?

Large aquarium with many many different fish

Otter!! He looks cute and innocent here, but a few minutes after taking this picture Jas realized the otter was attempting to be VERY innapropriate with that tube which we're pretty sure he thought was his girlfriend...naughty otter!

Logan and Daddy (I have no idea who Jason is mean mugging here...)

Final tank with SHARKS and TURTLES!

His best attempt to "Stop and smile for mommy!" I'll take what I can get

SOMEONE wasn't up for picture time on our way back to the house...

There's that smile!

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