Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big Water

We can see the Howe Sound from our balcony and Logan refers to it every day as "big water"...I'm not quite sure what he thinks "little water" is, but maybe that's bath water or faucet water and he knows that whatever is out THERE beyond our deck is MUCH bigger, and therefore he calls it Big Water. He knows that MoMo (Nemo) lives there, and maybe some sharks and crabs and duckies on occasion. Recently, we took a walk down to the Big Water and had a blast. Jas and I were amazing at how easily Logan made his way through the logs and jagged rocks of the beach we were on. He also climbed a rock without much effort. blew dandelion seeds for the first time and determined that pine-cones are "Yuck Yuck" (I totally disagree by the way). I was hoping we would find some crabs under some rocks, but we weren't so lucky. We did find some seaweed "bulbs' that Logan threw into the sound, but only because I forgot to show him what happens when you step on one (*POP*!) - we'll do that next week :)

here are some photos and videos of our latest outing...enjoy!

Family photo at the beach

The boys walking back to the car

Jas and Logan at the Berensteins Bear table

Making wishes

He danced the whole way back to the car...Silly Logan

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