Thursday, January 19, 2012

Updates Updates Updates!

Dear Laubster Tale "fans" (all 5 of you!) - I am so sorry I've been so negligent! The Mommy Stop blog has taken over my blogging life! But I'm not giving up on The Laubster Tale, I just haven't had the time or energy to update both blogs as much as I would like and since we're hoping The Mommy Stop will turn a profit at some time in our lives, that blog is getting all of my attention - I'm so sorry!

But, I'll post and update on Mr. Logan just to keep you all satisfied :)

Logan had his 18 month well visit at the beginning of the month and it went great! It was our first time meeting our Bay Area pediatrician and she was phenomenal - she is actually really good friends with our former LA pediatrician, Dr. Sheila Phillips whom we all LOVED - so I'm not surprised she is as great as she is, if she's friends with someone as wonderful as Dr. Phillips. But, just like with Dr. Phillips our relationship with Dr. Saltzstein will be short lived, as we are switching the whole family over to Kaiser insurance starting February 1st to save on costs. I am so bummed to leave Dr. Saltzstein, even though we've only seen her twice, but I've heard great things about the pediatric dept of Kaiser Walnut Creek so I know we'll be in good hands over there as well. But enough about Dr's, let's get back to Logan!

Logan weighed in at 26lbs which put him in the 50th %ile, and he stretched to 33.25" which put him in the 75th %ile...75th %ile for height and 50th %ile for weight, that sounds like some sort of Hanson/Underhill String Bean if you ask me! haha :) The Dr. absolutely adored Logan and has said both times that we've seen her that he is the happiest 18 month old she's ever seen - nice!

Logan is speaking up a storm, and to be more accurate, he's REPEATING up a storm - Jason and I are just beyond impressed with him and all of the things his little mind comes up with! The other night we were outside and out of nowhere, Logan looked up, pointed and shouted "STARS!" he'll often find things while looking around that Jason and I haveb both missed - the great thing about having Children, right? They're fresh eyes seem to capture things that adults have overlooked.

He's also been imagining things lately - in a good way - I didn't mean for that to come across like he's lost his marbles. I mean it like he's been playing with his toys in a way that I know he's building stories in his mind and i love every single second of it! The other night, we were in his room before dinner and he brought over to me his big floppy bear and his 2 pillow pets and as he brought each of them over he said "Eat! Eat!" so I held out my hand and he had each animal eat out of my hand, then I held out my hand to Logan and he ate out of it too and laughed so hard! It was the greatest.

He also amazes me with his intelligence. The other day we were outside and he walked up to the down spout from our gutter and said "Wa-Wa!" Next, he walked over to the small lights we have along the border of our backyard and knelt down to one and said "Hat! Hat!" I looked at the lamp and sure enough, it DID look like it was wearing a hat! And lastly, he walked over to the doggy door we have going in to our garage which is boarded up and he was pushing on it and pushing on it trying to get it to open. He couldn't get it to budge, so he squeezed his fingers in between the flippable plastic, raised that up and then tried to push on the boarded up portion! Again, I was amazed! I would think most kids would push on the panel, see it didn't move and then walk away but this Logan is one persistent son of a gun!

On a not so happy note, we had our first major sickness with Logan - but it wasn't that bad. He woke up one morning with goopy eyes and just not feeling himself, so we took him to the Dr and they said he had a DOUBLE EAR INFECTION! I was amazed because he hadn't shown any distress over his ears at all, if anything I thought he had pink eye but in all honesty I thought it was just a mild cold that would go away in a couple of days!

Here are some pics taken of the little guy since the last post - enjoy!

No matter who he's cheering for, Logan is THE best fan to have watching the game with you!

Our little gymnast on the balance beam!

Not sure what he's trying to do here...

He can turn anything in to a drumset - this is a stack of bricks at the end of our side yard

Genius telling me there's Water here

The lamp with a "hat"

The doggy door

The Fropper from Baba Hanson - doesn't he look like SUCH a tough guy here?!

He's STILL Trying to figure out how to go FORWARD in it, but he's a wizz at going backwards!

Be still my heart (Those are lobster seersucker swim trunks and the glasses have lobsters on the side)

We hung Logan's birthday quilt made by GiGi in his room - he stares at it and says "Gigi!" so cute!

This may be my favorite picture of Logan of ALL TIME.

This is a weird picture, yes but it has a funny story. Logan was NOT wanting to go down for his nap, and he was PISSED that I was making him take one (He still hasn't learned that the MORE he freaks out when it's nap time, the more I know he needs a nap) anyway, he managed to pull every item out of his clothing hamper and drape it around himself then he passed out...don't worry, he was breathing, I checked.

Chowing down on some yogurt

Sicky baby with a double ear infection

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