Friday, August 26, 2011

Jason's 1/2 Marathon (Long overdue!)

I'm sorry for my lack of posting as of late, LIFE has just gotten busy, but this weekend I plan on getting everyone up to speed on the Life of the Laubsters!!

Back in July, Jason successfully completed his SECOND 1/2 marathon! He did the SF 1/2 marathon last year as well and he decided a few months ago he wanted to go for it again! Last year he did route #2 and this year he did route #1 because it ran over the Golden Gate bridge. Because he did each route over the past 2 years the SF marathon categorized him as a "HALF IT ALL" participant so he got a SPECIAL medal at the end of the race! So cool!

The day started EARLY...and when I say EARLY I mean 3am early. I think Jason's Mom and I were secretly dreading that wakeup call from the moment we found out how early it would be! But, despite it still being dark out when our alarms started beeping,we all (Logan included) made it out the door on time! Woo Hoo!

We drove Jas down to the start line, took some pictures and then Mama Nancy and I headed off to to the finish line to wait for our running least that was the plan.

Mama Nancy and I (with Logan of course), walked back to the car and started trying to set up the GPS to get us to Golden Gate park. After a few minutes, we finally found a route that worked for us. We gave each other a celebratory High Five and set to be on our way...that is until the car died. Yup. totally died. It was weird and a little scary, but Mama knew just what to do. She called up AAA and someone showed up within about 20 minutes to jump the car and send us on our way!

We made our way to Golden Gate park and positioned ourselves right at the finish line...Jason and I had talked about possibly handing Logan off to Jason as he ran across the finish line....did we do it? Oh yes we did!!

Jas crossed the finish line in great time - I think about 10 minutes BETTER than he'd done the year before! Awesome!

We headed out to breakfast after the race, then hit up Giradelli Square to indulge in some chocolate...then we all headed home and took a much deserved NAP!!

Congrats on the race Jas!!!

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