Friday, August 26, 2011

Gettin' Our Science On

A couple of weekends ago we thought it would be a great idea to take Logan to the Los Angeles Science Center - in particular the EcoSystem Exhibit portion of the science center since yours truly worked on building that project and I've never visited it since it has been completed!

In all honestly, Logan is probably a couple years too young to fully enjoy a place like the Science Center - he was amazed at some of the aquarium like exhibits but wasn't able to explore as much as he would be if he was a little older. Oh well! Something to look forward to later!

It was as really fun (And cheap) afternoon - it was *FREE* to get in to the science center (Which surprised me -when is anything COOL ever free in LA?) - here are some of our favorite pics from the day!


That was seriously the biggest fish I've ever seen (Not that I've seen a lot of fish in my life...) I overheard an employee say that that fish was somewhere around 85lbs

Can you spot the 3rd lobster in this picture? Looks like he's posing from the tank!

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