Friday, August 26, 2011

And he's Up!

This is Logan's new thing...standing on anything that will hold him (And attempting to stand on things that WON'T hold him...ouch). It's a tough spot to be in as a parent- do I rush to his side and remove him from the object before he gets upright so he avoids a fall, or do I let him fall and let him figure out on his own that standing on an object with wheels is NOT a good idea? Well, I've been listening to the Trial By Fire method and so far it's been working - except for the fact that Logan is a mini Yoga Master who can stand upright from his push cart toy, stand there perfectly balanced for a bit and then crouch down with one leg outright and the other bent then gently step off of the toy without a bruise or scrape to show for it...WHAT?!

He pulled this move today and it looked very official...and political...should I refer to him as Mr. President from here on out? Hopefully he'll figure out how to wear pants between now and the next 34 years :)

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