Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Someone's getting bigger!

Last weekend I decided to sit Logan in one of his big boy car seats (I say "one of" because we bought 2 of 6 months ago...I know, ridiculous...BUUUUT, they were a crazy good price at Costco and the planner in me just couldn't pass it up! (I realize that normally that sentence should read the Bargain Hunter in me but I honestly don't think there IS a bargain hunter in me, however, there IS a planner and that planner could foresee the day when Logan would need a bigger and more comfortable car seat)....)...just to see if he fit in it yet, oh yes, he fits and how great does he look? He seems SO comfortable in this new seat, I almost feel bad putting him in the infant carseat now! But, the infant car seat is made to hold him up until he's 32" and 32lbs, we've got at least 9 more lbs to go on that one (Not for this mamas biceps though, I'll tell you that much right now!) - but I think it's time to make the transition. Especially before we drive up to San Francisco the weekend after next - I'm hoping that if he's comfortable enough he'll sleep the majority of the way or just hang out back there on his own and we'll only have to stop to change his diaper as we stop for gas....fingers crossed!

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