Saturday, July 23, 2011

Need 100 Photos? Order from Snapfish!

I absolutely LOVE - I think Jas first showed it to me when we started dating and I've used it ever since to order photos from. I ESPECIALLY Love them when they have a great deal - a few months ago they had a special where you could order 100 prints for 100 pennies...oh yes, that's 100 PHOTOS printed and mailed to you for ONE DOLLAR! Say what?! I couldn't believe it and went crazy trying to narrow down my hundreds of Logan photos to just one hundred (Tougher than it sounds). I managed to find 100 that would do, put them in my shopping cart and waited for Snapfish to tell me they'd made a mistake...but nope! I was charged $1 for the prints and then like $3 for shipping or something. It took a little while to get the shipment, but since I wasn't doing anything immediately with the photos it was worth it in my mind.

Well, just the other day I got an email from Snapfish telling me they're having the same sale AGAIN! This time they're doing 200 prints for $2 or 100 prints for $1...and these are all 4x6 color photos!

If you don't have a Snapfish account, sign up and if you do have one, go sign in and pick out 100 or better yet, TWO HUNDRED photos to have shipped to you! You have to order by July 26 in order to get the deal.

And no, this post is not part of any blog contest I'm doing - I Just genuinely love Snapfish! haha :)

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