Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, not just yet, but SOON! I just got done paying a deposit for a CUSTOM BLOG DESIGN by the fabulous Danielle Moss.

You're probably asking yourself "What's wrong with this blog? Why does she need to pay someone to design a blog?" Well, it's not FOR this blog...it's for a NEW blog!

Now, you're probably asking yourself "What's wrong with this blog? Why does she need ANOTHER blog?" Well, to put it simply i want to do more with my writing than I can do here.

I started this blog to keep the out of state friends & family that Jason and I have in the loop with my pregnancy and then life with Logan - and since the beginning, I've gotten compliments on my writing style and have been told that I should do SOMETHING with it. In conjunction with the ability to write, I've felt a bit of a calling since becoming a Mom to reach out to OTHER mom's and share the experiences I've had and how I've dealt with certain situations. I love the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" and I truly believe that it does - the only problem is that in today's world there is no more village - people rarely live near their families any more ,and it seems that your closest friends can be contacted through a keyboard and not by knocking on their front door. So I wanted to do something that would bring that village back to reality. I wanted to create a space where Moms (and Dad's) could go to read up on a fellow mom's daily doings, as well as get some advice on tough situations or just day to day decisions that Mom's have to make.

I am REALLY excited about this next step and where it may lead. Jason has been an AMAZING supporter in all of this and has really pushed me to get this all going.

So as I said at the beginning, my deposit has been paid and now I just need to fill out my order form to Danielle and let her know what I envision for my blog and within a couple of weeks we'll be live!

Who's WE you ask? Why, "The Mommy Stop...Where Mom's Go to Learn, Laugh & Relax"

I hope to see you there!

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  1. Exciting!! I cannot wait to check it out :) You are amazing just for pursuing this and getting it going, Go Ashley!