Tuesday, November 30, 2010

San Luis Obispo Weekend

At the end of October, we headed to the Central Coast for Cal Poly's Homecoming weekend. We rented a house with a few of our closest friends and had a great time! We headed home on Halloween, so Logan was a bit festive! Enjoy!

These are horribly out of order...but you get the idea...we had a great weekend!

Daddy and Son on the balcony of our rented home.

Randall and Logan

Mommy and Baby in the rose garden

Daddy found a pumpkin!

We stopped by Pismo Beach and the Sand Dunes on our way home...we happened upon some kite surfers...so cool!

Daddy and Baby at Daddy's name plate

Cal Poly Sr. holding Cal Poly Jr.

Such a grumpy Laubster!!

Self Portrait
We found this house while walking...isn't it perfect?

Our favorite little Captain!

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