Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Social Butterfly

Logan has started making a few friends, and has been on a couple play dates recently! The first was with our friend Carla (Married to my coworker Justin) and her 7-week old son Kai! Carla and I met for lunch and then went to a Gymboree Play & Learn class with the boys- it was a blast! Logan loved having so many other babies around, and he loved all of the songs we sang. I decided to join Gymboree so we can keep going to the classes :) We get to go to 2 per week, so I'll take him on Fridays and then Lisette can either take him on Wednesdays, or Jason can take him on Saturdays :)
The second play date was with our friend Amanda (Jason's old roommate) and her son James who is just 2 weeks younger than Logan! It was fun to see these 2 boys together because they're doing the same development things- raspberries with their lips, trying to sit up, tummy time- we think they'll become life long friends together! I'm dying for Jame's keen fashion sense to rub off on Logan (ie Amanda's keen fashion sense to rub off on me!)


Tummy time on a mirror at Gymboree! Logan did great!

The whole class! It was evenly divided - 4 boys, 4 girls! But oddly enough, all of the boys stayed on ONE side of the mat, and all of the girls on the felt like a middle school dance...with very small middle-schoolers.

Kai and Logan! Logan looks ENORMOUS next to "little" Kai, but they were roughly the same size when they were born- just 4oz apart! So I'm sure Kai will look enormous soon enough!

Hello Logan! I don't even remember Logan being as small as Kai! Sad!

Wow. This doesn't look forced at all!

Checking each other out.

Don't you just LOVE James' cheeks?? And his hat?? And his Jacket??

It's as if Logan is saying "No James, don't slouch! Sit up straight like this!"

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