Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Noon on Tuesday is my favorite time of day...

...Because at that time, both the DAY and the WEEK are halfway over!!

I know my post from yesterday was a BIT dramatic...but Monday's are hard! I'm sure any working parent would agree...you have to leave your blissful land of baby-snuggles and enter the harsh world of WORK...not that staying at home isn't WORK...it is, but it's a bit more rewarding...I think so at least.

But never fear! It's Tuesday at noon so my spirits are up!

I'm also really REALLY hopeful for the very near future as Iris and I are about to open up our own Etsy.com shop! I don't want to say anything about it on here until it's up and running- at which point I will have an ENTIRE post boasting about our shop and what you can get, how much you can get it for and how you can tell ALL your friends about it!

Be on the lookout for something SASSY...and something LAUBSTERY :)

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