Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feeling Cute!

So...my hormone's have gotten the best of me lately...just ask Jason! From the tearful breakdown I had at work (secretly) last Monday, to my downright frumpy feeling depression felt yesterday which prevented me from venturing outside to shop for new clothes, and instead lead me to my own closet to figure out what still fit...let's just say the NO fit pile was MUCH larger than the STILL fits pile....

But things are looking up my friends- just like my hormone levels! haha :) With Jason and i leaving for Hawaii in 15 days (but who's counting, right?) I was beginning to panic since all I have to wear is 2 sun dresses- which are GREAT, but without shorts, a bathing suit and some nice attire for romantic dinners, I was picturing myself stopping at MuMus-R-Us to pick up my Hawaiian attire! haha...but tonight, I struck gold- discount gold at that! I hit up TJ Maxx and Target and shopped in their NON-maternity department! From TJ's I picked up a super cute cover up dress, that I can use with a colored tank top and leggings (And will be AMAZING in a pregnancy photo shoot), a pair of shorts (I just got regular shorts in a larger size than I normally wear so they sit below my bump and still fit! Brilliant!) and a nice black blouse for work! BOO YA! Then I wandered over to Target and picked up an amazing empire, short dress, a gray sweater that a non-pregnant girl would wear as a long shirt with leggings, but I will wear as a regular top with jeans, and another pair of jeans! I also picked up 2 nicer T-shirts at Motherhood Maternity that will fit me well into week 40, and 2 cotton tanks for layering!

So look out Hawaii! This hot mama is on her way! YAY!

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