Friday, March 12, 2010

California Dreamin'

Well, it's begun...I've started having PREGNANCY dreams this week. My first one...not so pleasant, so I won't go in to it...but last night, not so bad! I dreamt that I gave birth to Baby Boy Laub! It was a bit weird and not realistic, but everything went well and baby boy was as healthy as could be!

I think rather than giving birth in a hospital, Jason and i were actually in like a mid-wife Mom was there and my Brother Nathan. It seemed like everything happened so fast that Jason and I forgot to call the rest of the family to let them know my water had broken- why my Mom and Nathan were just "THERE" I have no idea, but it was nice to have them around! haha.

My plan as of 2 weeks ago is to try to give birth naturally, but in my dream- that didn't happen. I did TRY to do it naturally, but at some point the pain was too much and apparently I had an epidural- the scary thing was that I didn't REMEMBER ever asking for the epidural, nor did I remember HAVING the baby- I had to ask the nurse during the dream what had happened- kind of weird and scary! Then, after the baby was born everyone got to hold him, love him and play with him and after a few hours, Jason and I realized we never got to do the Family Bonding time which is SO important to us (2 hours immediately after the birth of the baby that is just for Jason, myself and the baby). One good thing about the dream is that the day after I gave birth, I was up and running around looking EXACTLY as I was before the belly arrived...I'm not that naive, but a girl can dream! And that's just what I did last night!

I'm sure these dreams will become more frequent as the weeks and months go on...before the wedding I had some doozy dreams! One I remember in particular was that Jason and I realized we had forgotten to do EVERYTHING- we forgot to do our 1st dance, we forgot to eat cake, and we forgot to have any pictures taken...those dreams were definitely coming from watching way too many episodes of "Who's Wedding is it Anyway" where everyone hires a wedding planner and I couldn't understand why so many people needed to have one and i figured without one, we would absolutely forget some big ticket item at the wedding...then I remembered who I am and all was good again :)

Here's a pic from Week 24... AKA 6 Months!! 4 more to go (Yes for all of you doing math right now...I have 4 more months of being...which means I will be pregnant for 10 Months! Why does everyone tell you it's 9 months? Cuz no one would willingly get pregnant if they knew they'd be carrying a baby around for 2 months shy of a year!!!)

I'm driving up to the Bay Area today to attend Jessica Jopes' baby shower for Mr. August-West! Should be a fun time! I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with "Grandma" Blakeman and just doing our thing together :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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