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Getting back on track here! But I couldn't jump in to our day to day life without giving you all an update on our favorite little Miss! Oooh where do I begin? She is probably the silliest little thing I've ever met. If you catch her in the right mood she will just giggle non-stop, give you the brightest smile and say the most adorable things in the most adorable voice...can you tell I'm a bit of a fan of her? Since we brought her home, I remember saying to Jas 'Don't you just get so excited when you realize she's OURS TO KEEP?!" he of course looked at me like I was crazy, but I don't know, she's always just been SPECIAL - there is just something about her that I think will forever make the world, or at least MY world, extra bright.

Making the world SO bright, she has to wear shades

In my last post she was just a bit over 3 months old...and just kind of a blob. A blob that gave AMAZING facial expressions but a blob all the same. Now, she's a walking, talking, silly little hurricane that STILL has amazing facial expressions.
Awesome amazing facial expression example 1

Awesome amazing facial expression example 2

Awesome amazing facial expression example 3

She started walking around 10 months - just like her big brother. She has quite the little vocabulary with a few favorites that she says daily:

- "Bay Bay" (baby)
- Mama
- Bubba (Her name for Logan...I should note that she SOMETIMES wakes up asking for Mama, but USUALLY, she wakes up asking for Bubba...ya, she's a bit of a fan)
- Hi
- Ooooooh (When she wakes up asking for Bubba and I say "He's still asleep" she'll say "oooooh!" in a very surprised and overly adorable way)
- Whyyyyyyyy (it's actually not nearly as annoying as I typed it out there, it's once again super cute but she DOES say it after every single thing I say to her)
- Kitty (she's OBSESSED with Munchkin our cat)

You'll notice that Daddy is missing from this list - she definitely knows how to say it as she said it LOOONG before she ever said Mama. And I sincerely think she's holding out on Jason just to mess with him. She'll spout off a random roll call when we're all together; "Bubba...Mama...Baby...Kitty..." and then start again...Jas will look at her and say "What about me? Who am I?" and she'll just smile, laugh and look away! But then other times she'll say Dadee no problem! It should be noted that she calls him Daddy already - she does not call me Mommy - EVER. She has a special name for Jason already...It's hilarious. Get ready Jas...this one's a manipulator!
See what's happening here? Yes, this is Jas being wrapped around Nora's finger...

We have her 18 month appointment on Monday and I'm really looking forward to seeing how tall she is and comparing it officially with how tall Logan was at that age. She is SO long, it's crazy. I measured her on Logan's height chart in his room and it appears that she's only like 3" shorter now than Logan was on his 2nd birthday. A friend told me once that to determine the final height of your son, you double their height at age 2, and to determine the height of your daughter, you double her height at 18 months; if that's true then Logan and Nora will be the same height; 5'10" which is as tall as Jas. I will flip if I end up being the shortest member of my family! Ha!

Dreams coming true! She's finally JUST LIKE Logan!
Nora's latest thing is to play Mommy with her Baby...all day long from the minute she wakes up she wants a doll swaddled. She'll say "Thank You" to whoever helps her wrap the baby (but look out if you attempt to wrap it wrong! She will cause a FUSS and shout "No! No! NOOOO!" as she waves her arm violently at you! Kind of hysterical), then she'll carry the baby to whatever makeshift cradle she's created (Usually a small toy box). It is one of the most amusing and interesting things I've ever seen. I've never pushed dolls on to her - she came up with this obsession all on her own. And it's not like she's ever seen me acting like this with babies and she's mimicking me - she's the baby of the family so all that she's doing is completely intuitive.

Swaddling a baby for the 8 millionth time one day

 It's absolutely fascinating! I wonder if she'll always have this sort of nurturing way about her; will she be a nurse? A mommy of many kids? Will her obsession with our cat meet her obsession for caring and she'll be a Vet? Will she just be a compassionate person in general who wants to help and she'll become a doctor? This is parenthood I guess; you think far into the future based on little things your baby does from the beginning. I'm excited to see where Nora's life will take her!

She was so excited to ride in the kayak - may she always be this fearless!

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