Sunday, June 9, 2013

Nora Nora Bo-Bora Fee-Fi Mo Mora...NOOORA! (Nora Update)

Well it's been 2 months since this "little" ball of delight came into the world and she just gets better and better each day! She's still pretty easy - still sleeping a lot, but definitely starting to be awake more and more. Her schedule is starting to get more predictable; up early then down till about 7 then down for the tiniest nap ever then down for a nap then up for awhile then down for a looooong nap (She's currently in that nap now) if she doesn't get that long nap she's a bit difficult to get down for the night but in all honestly, so far her most difficult days have not been that bad...someone pinch me!

On my last post about her I mentioned her weight and how her Dr was having us supplement her a LOT of formula to help get her back up to an acceptable weight. I had several issues with his (none of which had to do with the use of formula, more-so that I just felt deep down that she was FINE and didn't need me force feeding her 5 times a day!). After weeks and weeks of this, we finally met with the Dr face to face and after looking at the weight Nora has gained from the beginning she finally agreed that all was perfectly fine with our Laubster. Nora has consistently gained 1oz/day since her birth and while that pattern has taken her from the 95%ile on her Birthday down to just above the 50th, the Dr thinks it's all well and good and that she just isn't going to be super chunky baby yet. I cannot tell you how amazing it felt to finally get validation on what I knew was going on! There's nothing worse than knowing something in your heart of hearts that something is fine and then being told by a Dr that it's not. I am the most obnoxious rule follower so to have ME going against what I'm being told to do was really stressful for me! I'm just so happy that it's confirmed our little string bean is healthy! So while her weight is in the 50th%ile, her HEIGHT is in the 90th! The Dr thinks she'll be pretty tall; looks like she'll be a Hanson/Underhill lady! Someone tell the Seattle Storm!

I don't really know what else to SAY about Miss Nora, so I'll let some pictures do the talking...enjoy!

2 Months!!

Killing. Me.

Not sure if she's saying "Seriously, Mom?" or "Whatchu Want?"

Not digging the hat...

"Bell (bunny) Look! A light...on the ceiling! Isn't it awesome?!"

"What did you say?"



My Dad meeting his first Granddaughter!

Chilling in the shade

Almost there...

...Aaaaand done!

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